NTSS-Tech, is group by touch panel, LCM, industrial PC, Android system, and system integration.

We do have more than ten years experience in the touch related industries and HMI devises.

We cooperate with famous video gaming corporate in Japan, popular fast-food restaurants and gambling industry in U.S.A., and leader brand Industrial PC corporate in Taiwan.


NTSS-Tech, wish to offer the best service that enable customers to use the right products in the shortest time, the fastest solution to solve customer problems.

We follow the 4C (customer Cost Convenience Communication) in pre project.

NTSS-Tech, service is based on technical services, technical transfer, and technical support.

We not only offer standard products, but also service the customized products, ODM, OEM, (No MOQ request).

To create customers maximum profit is our main goal and purpose.

We enabling our partners to better build and grow their businesses.

NTSS-Tech Products

SKD kits for 4&5 wire resistive touch panel

SKD kits for projected capacitive touch panel (large-size, multi-touch)

SKD kits for surface acoustic wave touch panel

SKD kits for infrared touch panel.(large-size, multi-touch)

SKD kits for optical touch panel (large-size, multi-touch)

Industrial displays solution

Panel PC and embedded PC

About US